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Dr. Faith Harding organized the WIC in November 2010.  More than 25 leaders from business, industry, trade, labour, education, government and community organizations served on this steering committee.  Its mission was to assess the present and future workforce needs of the Guyana economy, and to make recommendations as to which ones should be immediately implemented in a Faith Harding Administration.  A major goal of the Committee was to develop strategies to assist Dr. Harding to meet Guyana’s projected workforce demand.


WIC made a number of recommendations of which a few were identified as being critical, and are capable of being implemented in the first 100 days of the Faith Harding’s government.  The basis of jobs creation is that an expansion of Guyana’s economy is required along with a positive balance of trade.

Government’s role in expanding the economy is to serve as a catalyst by investing in our human resources development and critical infrastructure development. Alongside this is that government must provide the framework in which business and industry can expand thereby fueling economic expansion.

The rule of law is absolutely required, as such; government must put an end to official corruption, crime, and must reform the courts systems to be effective.

This 100 Days Jobs Plan is presented as a blueprint for building the new Guyana workforce. My administration will be committed to supporting the ministries, agencies, organizations and businesses willing to implement/participate in the plan.  Together with WIC we will continue to assess the status and progress in our economy and to provide periodic updates on this plan.


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