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Basis of Jobs Creation

WIC made it abundantly clear that job creation is predicated on the development and growth of Guyana’s economy.  The Gross National Product (GNP) of Guyana must be expanded in order to bring wealth and prosperity to the nation.

A key factor in the expansion of GNP is working to increase exports and maintaining a positive balance of trade, that is, the value of exports must exceed the value of imports.  In assessing these premises, WIC focused on the current state of Guyana’s economy, and looked at various modalities to effectively increase Guyana’s GNP.  WIC, in effect, recommended that the focus of government over the next 10-15 years has to be first and foremost the development of Guyana’s most valuable resource – its human resources.  The development of human resources has the benefit of having a population that has the ability to develop avenues for personal development and such lends itself to the development of the country.

Concomitantly, government has to serve as a catalyst in the development of key natural resources, and must invest in the infrastructure of our nation so that a new breed of entrepreneurs can forge ahead with the exploitation of our natural resources and our agribusinesses.  Key areas for success include energy, roadways, railways, water transportation, bridges, and water resources.

Government must set a clear policy on land allocation in agriculture lands, look at diversifying agriculture production, provide or help source critical inputs, and assist in the necessary research to increase agriculture yields for crops.  Government must also play a pivotal role in providing extension services to the agriculture sector.

Development of the service industry will also be critical to development of GNP.  Eco-tourism, medical tourism, hinterland tours, hotels and other forms of accommodation, packaging and distribution channels, and a host of other service related industries must be developed in an organized fashion so as to ensure that the development of human resources are congruent with that of industrial/services development.

Exploitation of natural resources must also come under the purview of government to the extent that is has to be done in a responsible manner.  Key to this sector is that players must be environmentally responsible, and must adhere to the laws governing the industries in which they operate.

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