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Executive Summary

Creating a sustainable future for Guyana will stimulate economic growth and workforce development.  We are formulating a comprehensive development plan part of which entails full employment for Guyanese.  This plan describes Faith Harding’s Administration first “100 Days Jobs Plan.”  This plan envisages the steps that the Faith Harding Administration will take in the first 100 days in office to stimulate economic development in Guyana, and to bring meaningful employment to Guyanese.  This plan represents our commitment to take the bold steps necessary to stimulate our economy, to have Guyana’s bountiful resources working for all Guyanese, and to have all Guyanese working.


The analysis and recommendations are based on the work of our Workforce and Investment Committee (WIC).  WIC conducted meetings and focus group sessions between November 2010 and January 2011.

After considerable research and discussion, WIC determined that the Guyanese economy is defined as:

The system of production, exchange, distribution, and consumption of goods and services produced by any business or entity directly engaged in research, development, mining, agriculture, manufacture, sale, distribution, installation, or appreciation of products and/or services.

The definition s designed to be flexible and inclusive of a broad range of traditional and non-traditional sectors including but not limited to construction, manufacturing, utilities, specialty trade contracting, business services, and agriculture.

Jobs in the economy are employment opportunities with businesses directly engaged in the research and development, manufacture, sale and distribution, operation and maintenance, and application of products and services related to the various sectors of our economy.  Through its research WIC determined that the majority of new jobs are not new occupations.  The jobs include construction workers, financial analyst, computer technicians, accountants, manufacturing workers, truck drivers, salespersons, scientist, engineers, agriculture workers, miners, and many other familiar occupations.

WIC also determined that many of the jobs in a growing economy are middle skill jobs requiring more than high school but less than a college degree.  They require a range of academic competencies that include math and science, and must be built on a foundation of indispensible skills: dependability, attention to detail, good communication skills, and the ability to work well with a broad spectrum of customers and coworkers.

Education and training programs are required to be instituted for the jobs that are going to be created.  Apprenticeships training, community colleges, trade schools, adult education and continuing education programs will be the conduits for workforce education.  WIC acknowledges that the secondary school education program will be the main conduit for the workforce pipeline and recommend that concepts of agriculture, manufacturing, business management and other technical skills be added to the existing high school curriculum.  Not all jobs will require certification; however, this is not to be confused with the need for such in a broad spectrum of the new jobs in the new Guyana economy.

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