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Dr. Faith Harding

Dr. Faith Harding BioPresidential Candidate hopeful for the PNC, Dr. Faith Harding is one of Guyana's leading political advocate for issues affecting women and children. She has always and continues to remain in the forefront in restoring the country to true democracy calling for the end to corruption, victimisation, discrimination, unemployment among a number of issues facing the people of Guyana.

Because of Dr. Harding’s unwavering passion and commitment to national issues, she continues to tirelessly work towards addressing youth and women related issues. Dr Harding was born on October 5, 1947 to proud parents Egbert and Beryl Blackmore. Faith is the sixth child of a very closely knitted family which consist of three brothers and a similar number of sisters.

From a very tender age Faith displayed a love for academics and so it was by no surprised or accident that she excelled academically.  She attended St. Ambrose and St. Stephen’s primary schools and British Guiana Education Trust High School and was an enthusiastic learner who enjoyed English Language, English Literature, Religious Knowledge, History and reading Nancy Drew books.

Exhibiting a love and passion for reading, young Faith demonstrated this in her ability to read various books. Her personal motto “readers are leaders’ was a great aid to her. Fascinated with the power of words and their meanings, at 9, she emphatically encouraged her friends to increase their vocabulary on a daily basis. Further intrigued by one of her aunts who wrote poems; she gained a deep love and appreciation of poems and even participated on radio programs, ‘Ovaltine and the Teenagers Choice’.



Work in Guyana

Guyana Flag

The hallmark and primary focus of Dr. Harding’s working life has been in Guyana. The impact of her contributions can be justly described as ‘significantly impacting’ because of the yeoman service which she has given to her country and its people.

While serving as a Minister of Government in the PNC administration from 1989 to 1992 Dr. Harding was credited with reforming and transforming the Ministry of Public Service of which she was responsible for. During that time, Dr. Harding while being a member of parliament fought vigorously to ensure that new laws and legislations were passed so as to create avenues that the rights of women and children were protected and given priority.

Dr. Harding was instrumental in starting an education programme that was regarded as the best in the Caribbean and has been intimately involved in a wide range of volunteer projects that turned around communities and local neighbourhoods in Guyana. An example of some of the projects and programmes that she implemented included the Tiger Bay area. This saw her rallying a disparate community together to form a committed, rehabilitation group that was focused on rebuilding the community while being able to improve education and economic conditions for youth and women.


Work in East Timor - Southeast Asia

Flag of East TimorDr. Faith Harding spent more than a year in East Timor and held several roles with the United Nations Transitional Administration. In the office of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Governance and Public Administration (GPA), she drove the initiation of a Gender Affairs Bureau, developed the structure of GPA, and planned relevant policies and strategies for governing East Timor. As the senior advisor on social affairs policy and management, she created national teacher performance standards and national content standards for kindergarten through secondary educational institutions. In addition, she designed the policy framework for the education sector comprising nursery through university levels. In a previous role as the Director of Capacity Building in the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (OSRSG), she prepared strategy papers for the SRSG and Cabinet members on the capacity building program; liaised with the donor support group, multilateral agencies, UN bodies, international and local non-governmental agencies.


Work in Liberia - Africa

Flag of LiberiaFaith brings a wealth of public service experience and more than 25 years of political and government expertise to the table. During a three-year rotation with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Peacekeeping, Faith functioned as the Chief for the Resource Mobilization and Trust Fund. Her work included providing direction and advice for the UN policy on Peacekeeping Quick Impact projects; establishing effective working relationship with central government agencies and local government officials to identify and prioritize projects for funding; and promote overall rehabilitation and reconstruction of communities and provide employment for women and former fighters. Her work in Liberia, Africa speaks volumes of what she has accomplished.  Dr. Harding was credited for initiating several programmes of change which aided significantly and helped in revolutionizing the economy of Liberia. As a result, it helped in pushing the country to the forefront of social and economic development in the African continent.


Work in Sudan - Africa

Flag of the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movemen Faith brings a wealth of public service experience and more than 25 years of political and government expertise to the table. More recently, she has been retained as a consultant for a myriad of international organizations and government agencies.


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